I've decided to actually use this.
 Well, I've decided to actually use this as a blog. Let's get started.

I recently turned 15, and I'm still awaiting a gift in the mail. It should be here this week. This bit of information is random, as most of this blog will be. I also recently got a new game to play. It's called 'The Path' and is loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood. It's a bit irksome, but I enjoy it. I'm not even CLOSE to beating it.

I've decided to write in this because it's easier to use then bloger. Bloger's connected to google, and I have three different google accounts, so I'd have to switch between them constantly. I hate how everything's connected to google. Can't we have things separate?  Guess not. 

Anywho, my rambling for today's done. Thank you for reading, if anyone did.

What you call Cute, we call F*** You: Chapter One.
Victoria had never been the happiest person, especially after the 'journey' started. Considering it started with her being kicked out, this shouldn't come as a surprise. She was TEN. T-E-N. What kind of world did they live in that they expect ten year old's to run around having adventures with battling animal things? Though she couldn't complain, considering she never would have met her big-eared friend, Pichu, as well as the her much loved and cherished Pokemon team. But she'd have to give up everyone but Pichu. "Let's just hope Mom doesn't find out." She told herself, waltzing into the Pokemon lab residing in this new region.

Dom sighed. She JUST got a Piplup, then they had to move. She didn't even have time to train the cute little thing. "Look on the bright side, now you'll have TWO pokemon." Her mom kept telling her, to which she always replied "But I want to CATCH my pokemon." It was no use, though. She'd have to make new friend's, figure out a whole new land, train her pokemon according to the gyms, and all the strategic plans she made for Sinnoh were gone. She replayed what little information she could remember from her week of research in her head as she made her way up to the Pokemon Lab. "One new Pokemon." 

Katherine had no idea what a Pokemon was, let alone how to train it. She heard of them in Orre, but they were mostly used as pet's where she lived, not things to battle with. She got her first pokemon before moving to the Hoeen region. It was a Azurill, and it quickly became her friend. But now it was time for adventure, even though she was well past ten. She sighed, not knowing where she was going to end up in this new region filled with odd creatures. 

And that's where our story begins.

"Hey, doc! You have a PC I could use?" Victoria shouted, walking into a clean waiting room. 
"You must be a new trainer. The computer's right over there." A lab assistant stated, pointing to a row of computers in the corner of the room. 
"Alright, guys," The girl stated sadly, releasing her team from their Pokeballs. "Gengar, Niles, Squirt." She said, patting each on the head. Her first three Pokemon. They were, in this order, a Gengar, a Ninetails, and a Blastoise. "Volt and Jazz." She looked lovingly at the Flaffy and Vaporeon. "You guys half to go back home." 
The Pokemon looked at their master, not really understanding why she had to get rid of them. "I know we've been together for so long. Almost five years, can you believe that?" Victoria said, trying not to cry. "And I'll be back for you, I'll never forget you. But... I need to start a new journey." The Pokemon now understood, and a tearful good bye was said as each pokemon hugged their master for the last time in a long time before being recalled into they're pokeballs and sent to Oak for safe-keeping. 
"Take care of 'em, Oak. They're my best friends."
Dom entered the lab, sure of what Pokemon she would choose. Since she already had a Water Pokemon, and didn't see a fire type as that big of a issue at the moment, so she would choose Treecko, a Grass type. 
"Hello! I'm here for my pokemon!" Dom said, barging into the lab. She was lead into the back room and had to chose between a Torchic and a Treecko. "Good, I needed a Treecko!" She said, hugging the little grass creature. It seemed to enjoy her company, which was a good sign. 
The sound of light sniffling broke her victory dance. In the corner sat a short haired girl hugging a Pichu close to her as a concerned-looking Mudkip pawed at her lap. 
"What's wrong with her?" Dom asked a lab assistant. 
"She just had to send her pokemon back to her home lab." 
Dom sat beside the girl. "Hey, you okay?" 
"Do I LOOK okay to you?" Victoria responded. 
"I was only trying to help!" 
"I'm sorry.... I just.... haven't had a good day. " 
"I understand." 
"No, you don't. You're a new Trainer. I can smell it. I've had the same team for almost FIVE YEARS and I just had to give them up." 
"Maybe I can't understand. But they're not con forever. And you have two Pokemon right here that obviously care about you." 
Katherine ran in, slipping on the smooth flooring and rushing into the back room. "I'm here for my Pokemon!" She panted.
"I hope you're okay with Torchic, because that's the only Pokemon we have left." 
"I'm fine with it." She said, picking up the pokeball and sitting beside two other girls. 
"E-excuse me? Are you planning to travel?" Katherine stuttered out. 

"Yep." Dom said. Victoria just nodded.
"Can I travel with you?"
"We're not traveling TOGETHER! We just met!" Dom exclaimed. 

"It's safer if we do." Victoria stated. "Do you know how many times my Gengar had to attack humans that tried to jump me? It's a bad world out there. It's safer if we travel together, especially if you're new." 
"So, you want to travel together?" Dom asked.
"Can I join?" Katherine added. 
Victoria put her hand out. "From here on out, we work as a team. We play together, train together, fight together, and work together. Today, we make a pact." 
The other two girls put their hand on top of Victoria's, none of them sure what they were getting into. "Friends and Team-mates." Victoria stated, a smile finally spreading across her face.
"Friends and Team-mates" The other girls repeated, the same smile plastered across their face.


A wild blog has appeared!
I'm, once again, going to start a blog. No one on here knows me, for I have never posted before. This blog won't be written in much, mostly because I signed up to join various comms. 

 My name Is Victora.
 I'm a 14 year old girl.
 I love Lolita, Otome, and Mori Girl fashion.
 I'm usually shy(both in real life and on the internet).
 I wish to become a writer in the future.
 I have a great dislike for yaoi.

Well, that's it for my intro post. Good bye and have a nice day.


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